Faith India Ministries is a faith based NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) started in 2004 with a high calling to spread the message of God’s love in India and that seeks to serve Dalit people (The Untouchables)

As Mother Teresa said a fruit of faith is love, Faith India Ministries have taken the scriptural mandate from 1 John 3:16 that we should love others in our actions and deeds.

We are the movement of the lovers and doers.

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.



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“Jericho Road Church has been involved with FIM for the past five years. I have visited the family and orphanage twice in Kotipalli where we lived and worked together for almost three weeks. The children are well cared for and appear happy and thriving in a safe and loving environment. Sanjeeva, his sons, and their wives work tirelessly to support and care for the children and are honest, passionate followers of Jesus, and humble servants. They have taken what little they have and shared it in a manner that would put most of us in the West to shame. I strongly endorse this ministry and the long-term vision of providing a property where the children can live, crops grown for a sustainable living, and a training facility for pastors can be built”
John Cox Jericho Road Church Canada

We have been delighted to partner with Faith India ministries for a number of years and have been across to be part of the amazing work they do amongst their peers. It is encouraging to meet a group who care about bringing both help and hope with the word of God and practical action! We highly recommend their work and pray you can visit them one day as the Lord leads.”
Simon Cooper Refreshment UK

Our relationship with FIM was a divine connection. After a few years of talking to each other on the internet, God spoke to me to take a team to serve with this ministry. I had never been to India before, so I thank God he sent me to partner with FIM. The entire family has an authentic love for Jesus and making His name famous in the Hindu community. They crafted a schedule for our team that gave us a variety of Ministry opportunities. We were able to accomplish our vision of winning souls and sharing the love of God with everyone we met!
Alison Lusted Crosspoint Ministries USA

“FIM has been a great international partner! They serve those who are in need with the love of God. We look forward to partnering more with them in the coming days, months, and years. I'd encourage you to do the same!"
Terence Lester Love Beyond Walls USA

I visited FIM earlier this year and found their faith to be real and practical. I saw that they loved Dalits and wanted to help them. I know they were very helpful to me in many ways, and I thank God for them! It was a privilege to speak and share at their meetings where God was worshipped with joy!
Dave Roberts UK Partakers



Tell your friends about FIM, host a fundraiser, and be a part of a growing movement
to spread God's Love Everywhere in India.

Your voice, church, friends, business, school, and club make a difference and help us to continue the work that we are called to.
Let us know how you are spreading the word by sending us an email at
info@faithindia.org. We cannot do it without you.

Kotipalli, Vellaturu PO
Kollur, Guntur, AP
South India-522257

Email: info@faithindia.org
Phone: 833-187-1338/9