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We spread mercy by meeting daily practical needs of the people around us who are sick, outcast and destitute



Relationships are pivotal to lasting change. Through meeting both practical and tangible needs, trust is built and communication begun. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children have been impacted through our Mercy Ministries.

Leprosy still ravages thousands of people in India who become literal outcasts in their communities. Faith India provides meals and others services to alleviate suffering and bring hope where we can. People affected by leprosy are marginalized in society, denied basic human rights, and targeted by discriminatory legislation. We have a large community of People affected by leprosy and we want to reach them and stand in the gap and take action on the practical side.


Water is the life. Safe water saves lives. Most villagers suffer from diseases like typhoid and hepatitis due to the shallow unclean wells. A drilled deep water well will literally SAVE LIVES! Your gift will save lives and prevent water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera and diarrhoea. You are giving a village an easy and accessible source of fresh water that will last for years to come

The approximate cost for anyone seeking to donate water well is $1300


There are thousands of homeless people living in the streets throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. We serve these homeless and hopeless people by handing out a blanket of hope, a packet of food meals and a bottle of water etc. We need people to join in this volunteer project to donate stuff to serve these homeless people. You are also invited to serve alongside of us to alleviate the poverty in India.

If you would like to learn more about ways you can support this ministry, please contact us


FIM have conducted a number of medical camps in rural villages, and by doing so, have helped so much in treating the patients. Our medical camp outreach provides medicine and short term care in remote villages for Dalit populations.

$1500 provides medical supplies, doctors, nurses on site diagnosis teat basic ailments for 500 impoverished villagers.

If you would like to learn more about ways you can support this ministry, please click here


Whenever there is a need, FIM is always ready to step in to fill the gap. Whether it's a natural disaster or a pandemic, we are prepared to bring hope to those who are suffering in India.

FIM does its best to immediately respond to the needs of the afflicted whenever a natural disaster has affected the local population by delivery food, water, and medical attention.