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We spread the hope of Jesus to the uttermost parts of India as we spread His love through our various missions & ministries



“The disciples spread the Good News everywhere. The Lord worked with them. He confirmed his word by the miraculous signs that accompanied it.” MARK 16:20

As followers of Christ, we believe that we are called to simultaneously share the Good News and embody the Good News of Christ. Each year we do this in a widespread outreaches:

FIM focused on holding the annual conventions in the Gospel needed areas in the Southern parts of India. Hundreds and Thousands pf people attend the conventions and number of people will be saved by experiencing the real touch of Christ.


FIM conducts Leaders & ShepherdsFellowship get to gather meetings regularly to encourage and empower to disciple the nations and build His kingdom effectively. All of the shepherds come from different villages and diverse denominations. In the event we would remind our motto - Being A Disciple and Making Disciples.


The planting of village churches& house churches arethe major focus of FIM. We have a clear vision to reach out the families in rural sector and share the Hope of Christ at any cost and inviting them to make a house group and ask their neighbours to join as well. Likewise, we want to reach every family and share the hope to know Christ fully and become perfect before His rapture.


The CAP project is nothing but an outreach program where webring children from different villages to one hub. It’s a weekday program of Christian education for children featuring religious study courses, arts and crafts, and recreation activities, offer free food and snacks etc and we host these programsduring the summer vacation.