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We partner with our friends around the world to help meet the tremendous needs we encounter on a daily basis.


We believe that indigenous people helping one another is the way to sustainable change for the future of India. One of the best ways you can get involved and build strong relationship with FIM are SUPPORT US, SERVE WIT US AND SPREAD ABOUT US!

We invite others to join hands and get involved with us in doing the same. We trust that as you catch a glimpse of the intense needs of the people of India, we believe that God will nudge your heart to respond in practical ways. It is ar incredible opportunity to be a part of what is happening thru FIM in India right now

Invest into Kingdom work

Do you care about a specific country, project, or cause? Need help fundraising? Learn how to support our work and make an impact across India

We invite you to support FIM as one-off or regular giving. Your financial support represents a vital and necessary instrument of God. Your support enables us to go out actively and practically to spread God’s love in real and lasting ways. Please prayerfully consider linking shields with us financially and becoming a partner with FIM. Monthly Support means the world to us as it enables us to forecast the promise of God for our children and ministry future. Without you, it is impossible to do the work we are called to do.

Come Serve Alongside

Have you ever wanted to visit and serve with us in India! It has never been easier. Learn more about applying for a trip, fundraising and pre-planning.

FIM has many ways of serving in a number of areas we are operating in. Whether you would like to come individually or with a group from your church, we can accommodate to make a truly mutually beneficial.

If you are an individual, group, business or church we would love to have you volunteer with us to spread the True Love in India. Your time, talents and finances can make a great difference. You can get involved in serving alongside our ministry by bringing your time, talents and gifting to visit us in India. If you are interested in making a short term or long term mission trip, feel free to email us info@faithindia.org

Be The Voice for Voiceless

Tell your friends about FIM, host a fundraiser, and be a part of a growing movement to spread God's Love Everywhere in India.

Your voice, church, friends, business, school, and club make a difference and help us to continue the work that we are called to. Let us know how you are spreading the word by sending us an email at info@faithindia.org. Follow us here for more updates