We are proposing the construction of an Orphanage Home designed to house and accommodate 80 children and staff of two families, two separate cooks and a caretaker. The children are currently housed in a building that has become structurally unsafe due to old age, which exposes the children to the threat of the roof caving in on them. The current building lacks basic facilities and is much too small for the current number of children to grow and thrive. Children are now housed in a cramped building which is in precarious situation. The proposed Home has been designed to meet all the children’s basic needs, and to allow room for growth


Presently, we are in a small building that is more that 100 years old, and it has become dilapidated and unsafe due to cracks in the support walls and rotten wood holding the roof up. There are currently about 30 children living in the orphanage, and there are only two rooms for them to sleep in, with one of those rooms having the highest chance of the roof collapsing because it is the largest and has the rottenest wood supporting the roof. The toilets are not adequate, and the age of this building is causing drainage and sanitation problems. Because of the size of the building, the facilities for dining, studying, and sleeping are not adequate because there is only one room large enough, and still it is too small. We are not willing to send away new orphans that come to us, even though the space is already too cramped, the building is unsafe, and the facilities are not adequate, so we are forced to search for a new home for the children to be properly raised and sheltered in.


The proposed building has been designed specifically for the needs of the children and staff. The proposed building will have much improved ventilation, adequate facilities for dining, sleeping, studying, cooking, playing and for using the restroom. These basic amenities will not only provide growing children with the space and facilities they need to be strong and healthy, but also provide for their mental and spiritual growth. We will be able to provide adequate monitoring facilities.


This building is designed to meet more than just the immediate needs of the children; but is designed to create an environment that will promote healthy growth and development for these children. Our goal with this proposed building is that there will be room for many more children to come and find shelter with us in the years and decades ahead. We would like to be able to have to 80 children live here, and still have space for them to grow and blossom into healthy young men and young women who will eventually change the world.


Kotipalli, Vellaturu PO
Kollur, Guntur, AP
South India-522257

Phone: 833-187-1338/9