"I desire mercy; not sacrifice" Matt 9:13 - Christ shows the mercy to all. Hundreds of men, women and children have been impacted through our mercy ministries which include:

Water Well Installation

Water is the life. Most villagers suffer from diseases like typhoid and hepatitis due to the shallow unclean wells. A drilled deep water well will literally SAVE LIVES! The drilling of a well is a powerful way to display God's love as we share the message of Jesus as our Living Water.

The approximate cost for anyone seeking to donate water well is $1300

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Medical Camps

FIM have conducted a number of medical camps in rural villages, and by doing so, have helped so much in treating the patients while actively sharing the love of Christ. Many of these patients have no access financially and physically to a reasonable standard of medical and nutritional treatment.

$1,500 provides medical supplies, doctors, nurses on site diagnosis teat basic ailments for 500 impoverished villagers.

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Homeless Outreach

There are thousands of homeless people living in the streets throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. We serve these homeless and hopeless people by handing out a blanket of hope that they may feel warmth of God’s locate, a packet of food meals that they may fill their empty tummies with great joy, a bottle of water to quench their physical hunger and thirst. We need people to join in this volunteer project to donate stuff to serve these homeless people. You are also invited to serve alongside of us to alleviate the poverty in India.

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Elderly/Widowed Home

Thousands of helpless widows are deadly suffering for hunger and shelter. Old aged and widowed people are in helpless condition, being rejected by their own family and walking around the streets finding the food at the garbage. We are focusing…

  • To give a better life and shelter by nice accommodation
  • To provide holistic love and hope in Christ
  • To give food resources and meeting the tangible needs on daily basis
  • To construct a safe house for them that they may live in with peaceful mind

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Leprosy Outreach

People affected by leprosy are marginalized in society, denied basic human rights, and targeted by discriminatory legislation. We have a large community of People affected by leprosy and we want to reach them and stand in the gap and take action on the practical side. These people need physical and spiritual healing. You can help us take action, raise awareness and meet their need. Don’t call them lepers but they are people like us and let us call them into our unity of Christ family even Jesus himself cared and served these people. Why don’t we…?

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