"Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me" Matthew 18:5.

In a country where millions of children are unwanted and abandoned, we have taken the biblical mandate to care for the orphan to heart. We believe that EVERY child deserves the opportunity to know love, to know health and education and to know Christ.

FIM has focused to giving a bright future to the orphans and fatherless. We love these children unconditionally, taking them into our arms and giving them a "Hug" means food, shelter, education, and the hope of Jesus to those who would otherwise go without. With Christ-like compassion, we desire to stand in the gap for these orphans. Many of these children have nothing and no-one. We are the ones to give our "HUG" means meeting all the basic necessities in their lives.

"The Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow"

Sponsor an orphaned child: Through your donation of $45 a month, we are able provide shelter, food, medical aid, clothing, and education for a child who lives at our orphanage. In committing to support this ministry, you'll be making a huge difference in their lives. By investing in the future of even one of these Orphans you are in very real terms investing in your spiritual and material future with God and the national future of India. Your investment today gives them the hope for a bright future and lets them know that they are not abandoned, but loved. Please prayerfully consider committing to support our ministry to the Orphans... whether it's a monthly commitment or just whatever you can spare from time to time every cent counts!!!

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Think Big and Do big

Faith Centre is the hub and small campus of FIM’s strategical mission works such as orphanage, widow home, shelter for leprosy as well as a church where all the FIM large family will worship. Our present long term need is to build larger facility for the children we care for. Presently, we have a small cement fibred shelter built with less facility that house below 40 kids.Drainage and noise is also a key problematic issue happening in our community. As such, we have decided that a long-term solution has to be found for the sake of the children’s development and have identified an area in the outskirts of the city that we would like to acquire. Although land prices in Kotipalli area have been steadily rising due to sudden formation of the capital city and the demand, we realize that it is an opportune moment to take advantage of the potential cost-savings that Home could make in the long-run through such an acquisition. One of the most immediate and necessary needs is to build a three-story building that will separate the male from the female children, giving them more space and freedom.

FIM is aiming to raise $600,000 USD to support and complete our work, primarily in Kotipalli. By raising these funds, we are planning to complete 4 stages of significant work in and around Kotipalli.

Phase I:

Purchasing one acre of land and registration under FIM

Girls Dormitory/Widows Home – This dormitory will provide a home for about 100 less fortunate girls. It will consist of 10 rooms, housing a maximum of 10 girls in each room. A separate 5 rooms for 50 widows and elderly people.

Boys Dormitory – This dormitory will provide a home for a about 100 less fortunate boys. It will consist of 10 rooms, housing a maximum of 10 boys in each room.

Phase II:

Staff/Guest Housing – This building will be a place for our staff, missionaries, and guests to stay. It will be consist of ten family suites, an office, a library, a common and dining room, a common family room and bathrooms.

Phase III:

Church/Auditorium – This building will seat about 500 people. It will be open to the public for special events such as a concerts, competitions, and other programs that will enable the youth to develop their skills. In addition, it will be used to hold Church and Chapel services.

Phase IV:

Purchasing another acre of land for growing crops as well as buffalo and vegetable farming. This will be more beneficial for our self-supportive projects to get good income and operate the ministry successfully.

Raising the capitol funds for the Organization is difficult. We’re looking for donors who can make anywhere from $10,000, $ 40,000 to $50,000 or pledge more to get the land as and the HOME built. However, even a small amount can go a long way in funding our Non-Governmental Organization. A person’s charity is not measured by the size of the donation, but rather by the genuineness of the intent.

We are starting soon with the defining of concrete projects and need your help with this. People who want to help with their time and management abilities to transform this project can also do so.

If you are interested to invest in this project, feel free to contact us at info@faithindia.org and more information along with structures and planning can be provided to you in detail.

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South India-522257

Email: info@faithindia.org
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