"We are a group of people sacrificed our lives to care for Dalits "The Untouchables". They are the lowest of the low in India. Society does not care for them. They are the orphans, they are the elderly, and they are the poor. As a team of FIM, we care for them and hold their hands that we are for them to lead their lives to be lived for Christ. A life that is not lived for others is not a life' told Mother Teresa. So we are a compassionate people to give our hands to those who are helpless, feet to those who are hopeless".


Sanjeeva RaoFounder/President of FIM

Sanjeeva Rao

Sanjeeva is the founder of the ministry and he is the main backbone to all the works in India. His whole family committed to serve Him till their last breathe. He along with his wife, Esther Rani, has been serving the Lord for 25 years. Their passion for God and dedication to serve the Dalits (the untouchables) led to the establishing of FIM. If you want to know more about the story behind, please go to OUR STORY page.

Esther RaniChildren’s Home Care/Intercessory Prayer Cell

Esther Rani

Esther is the wife of our founder, Sanjeeva and she is the backbone to the ministry in caring the orphans as well as praying for the ministry. Her daily hard work gives us a great example of serving.

B.S RaoVice- President/Operations Director

B.S Rao

He works with FIM on the area of residing all the ministry works and organizing the evangelical events throughout the state. He is the good translator too and God gifted him with so many talents in sharing the word relevantly. Rao is married to his loving wife, glory, and they enjoy parenting their two wonderful children, Shine and Sajeev.

GloryChildren’s Home Care


Glory is the caretaker of the children who live at Faith India Children’s Home in Kotipalli.

Raj Bitragunta (Subrahmanyam)Chief Executive/Communications Director

Raj Bitragunta

Raj is a chief executive and communications director for FIM. He is involved in FIM as a builder of bridges online and inviting others to join with his growing ministry in India. One of the greatest passions he has is demonstrating the love of God in action actively in both ways: in what he says and what he does. He has taken great role in FIM after his theological studies.

Tejaswi BitraguntaChildren’s Home Care/Bookkeeper

Tejaswi Bitragunta

Tejaswi is in charge of Book Keeping for FIM and overseeing the care of the children who live at Faith India Children’s Home in Kotipalli. Raj and his wife, Tejaswi, have been married for 5 years. Together they have two beautiful children, son & daughter (Sahay, Sahrudhi).

Surendra VarmaPhotographer & Media

Surendra Varma

Varma is in charge of all our photography and videography on the ground in India.



Rajani takes care of the health of all of the children in our care as well as caring for people suffering from leprosy that FIM is working with. She also get involves in rural free medical camps that are organised by FIM.

Naga LakshmiChildren’s Home Teacher

Naga Lakshmi

Lakshmi teaches our Children daily before and after they go to school. Her involvement in teaching the kids is worthwhile as they are being well shaped on the sound educational standards.

UK Team

Rachel CobbFIM UK Director

Rachel Cobb

Rachel is in charge of all FIM UK fundraisings and she actively works on financial things. She is also in charge of all partnership relations, communications and data entry.

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