It is a story of a mere man whose life became a meaningful for others, who once thought that he had not. A man who was an unclean (Dalit), a pure Hindu, rejected by the society, friends and his own relatives. He was abandoned by his family, living on the road side in a makeshift hut. At this point in life he was far from the destiny of Kotipalli village, but the Lord had a plan for him. His life became meaningless and devoid of hope. He was so low he and his wife planned with their two boys to commit suicide through drinking poison.

However God had other plans and great destiny for this family. And sent a pastor with the word of the lord, saying "You were born not to die like this, and though your life now has no meaning I have a great plan to make it meaningful to others. There are many lost, many spiritually dead because they do not know ME (CHRIST). I want you to show my sacrificial life and love for them. Rise up, I will use you and your children mightily for my gloryā€¯. He took the word of the Lord and ran with it... and this is what he became:

Pastor Sanjeeva Rao, the founder and President of Faith India Ministries. God took a hold of his life and gave him and his young family a vision for a church an orphanage and mighty testimony for God in South East India, made his life beautiful and meaningful, living with his entire family in His vineyard. It was clear to all that Christ himself had touched this man. Therefore, Church has been planted then and there and began its services in the year of 1995. After committed his whole life for Christ and His mission, he dedicated his two children for the ministry and sent them to be trained in Bible schools. God has enabled them to establish an organization called "Faith India Ministries" in the year of 2004 with a great passion to serve people who are higher and lower, untouchables (Dalit) in caste system. The ministry is now functioning tremendously in sharing the love of Christ to others: the untouchables. With over two hundred baptized and many more saved, Pr. Sanjeeva Rao and Faith India Ministries have been going strong in the Lords Commission since 1995.

Kotipalli, Vellaturu PO
Kollur, Guntur, AP
South India-522257

Email: info@faithindia.org
Phone: 833-187-1338/9